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Date: 18th December 2016
Ultrasonic Heating Resistance Wires Cleaning Machines
All stainless steel is used in shape,Website:, so that looks more beautiful, more compact and reasonable, can be quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of oil products on the part, debris, powderEnd impurities. You can clean the dirt with a pattern, grooves, curved hole, holes and blind holes, absolutely no damage to the surface of the product;You can also use a variety of suitable cleaning fluid ? targeted to be cleaned to remove dirt;At room temperature and suitable heated (generally at about 60 ?) can be carried out cleaning work;Our products can save more energy, reduce the intensity of labor and the workplace, fast pass cleaning efficiency is several times the human hand-washing;A liquid cleaning agent, low cost, cleaning effect is remarkable;The slot: uses SUS304 grade stainless steel welded together, their life is more durable than the average level of the tank, corrosion resistance, but also better able to prevent the accumulation of dirt,Stainless steel liner better able to convey ultrasound, so that the cleaning effect is more significant;The company's products also comes with a dedicated large-diameter drain valve, drain valve 304 also uses materials made of ordinary life is twice the life of ordinary drain valve, large diameterDrain valve can do a better drainage effect, rapid discharge of the water tank, drainage save time, bid farewell to the past troublesome drainage patterns, saving manpower and resources;application:Object cleaning, degassing, sterilization, emulsification, mixing, displacement, extraction.EnvironmentE-shop, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, hospitals, watch, glasses shops, jewelry jewelers, mobile phone repair shop, and family.Object to be cleanedElectronic products, laboratory supplies, office supplies, household goods, computer motherboards and accessories, glassware, circuit boards, automotive parts, metal parts, medical devices, dentures and dental equipment, watches, glasses, jewelry, golf, shaving head, coins, badges, tableware, bottles, fruit.Drain valve:Special large-diameter drain valve: made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali.Liner:2.0MM foot thick liner made of SUS304 stainless steel inner tank, durable, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali.Generator description:Press the left button for 5 seconds to enter the setting interfaceF0 represents the left digital display, 1 temperature 2. Frequency 3. Current 4. Commissioning (current frequency flashing alternately)F1 indicates whether to activate the ultrasonic power, 1. Start 0.5 does not startF2 for false frequency value, if this value is greater than 10 show false otherwise display true frequency frequencyF3 represents minutes or seconds to select timer Parameter 1 minute 10 seconds---------------------------------------- -------- Specifications ----------------------------------Ultrasonic Power: 600WUltrasonic Frequency: 28 / 40kHeating power: 1.5KWWithin the tank size: 380 ? 290 ? 280Dimensions: 520 ? 430 ? 660Introduction:1. This model is mainly used in electronic components, electroplating, metal, Kushiro tables, machinery, tools, bearings, glass and automotive parts and components.2, simple structure, thus reducing the mechanical and electrical failure rate.3, ultrasonic working time 1-60 minutes adjustable, can work long hours, suitable for different occasions.4, cleaning basket made of stainless steel wire screen argon welding forming, to improve the cleaning effect.5, cleaning shell made of high quality stainless steel plate, nice.6, a cleaning tank made of stainless steel processing, waterproof performance is better.7, using high quality imported components, ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, strong power, good cleaning effect.-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------working principle:Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning principle is high-frequency oscillation signal emitted by the ultrasonic generator, converted by the transducer into high frequency mechanical vibration transmitted to the media - cleaning solvents, ultrasonic cleaning fluid density and white forward radiation, so that the liquid flow generated tens of thousands of tiny bubbles 50-500?m in diameter, the presence of tiny bubbles in the liquid under the action of vibrations in the sound field. These bubbles in ultrasonic longitudinal propagation the negative pressure zone formation, growth, and in the positive zone, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles rapidly increasing, then suddenly closed. And the shock wave generated when the bubble is closed, resulting in thousands of atmospheres around it, and allow them to destroy insoluble dirt dispersed in the cleaning liquid, so as to achieve the cleaning effect!Cleaning equipment advantages:? cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces, workpiece without injury? cleaning speed, full cleaning, improve production efficiency and save manpower resources? Use a clean installation of the workpiece holder cleaning, no manual contact with the cleaning solution, safe and reliable deep hole, blind hole, slit and workpiece shelter can also clean and efficient? no damage on the surface, only remove surface residue? cleaning solution may be reused, saving solvents, heat, work sites and labor and so on.-------------------------------------------------- ----------------Product Features:1 ultrasonic working time 1-60 minutes arbitrary infinitely timing can work long hours, suitable for different occasions.2, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning basket made of stainless steel frame with a mesh screen argon welding forming, to improve the cleaning effect, effectively prevent mutual bumps workpiece touch flowers.3, ultrasonic cleaning machine machine made of high quality stainless steel plate (groove ultrasonic cleaning machine imported 304 2.0 thick steel plate), nice. Lasting and durable.4, ultrasonic cleaning tank using high quality imported stainless steel processing GB, waterproof performance is better.5, ultrasonic cleaning machine circuit parts using high quality imported components, ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, strong power, good cleaning effect. More thorough cleaning.-------------------------------------------------- ----------Equipment, material and structure:* Import and thicken 304/316 stainless steel, acid, beautiful and durable.* US high-Q piezoelectric crystal transducer, ultrasonic power strong.* Automatic thermostat system 30-110 ? adjustable. Digital display can be used.* 24 hours continuous work, adapt to mass production.Machinery industry: rust grease removal; measuring cleaning; degreasing mechanical parts rust; engine, carburetor and parts cleaning; the filter, the filter drain cleaning, etc;Surface treatment industry: degreasing before plating rust; ion plating before cleaning; phosphating; remove carbon deposits; remove oxide ;; remove polishing paste; metal surface activation treatment;Instrumentation industry: high cleanliness of precision parts and equipment before cleaning;Electronics industry: printed circuit board in addition to rosin, spot welding; high-voltage electronic contacts and other mechanical parts cleaning;Medical industry: clean, anti-virus, eliminate bacteria, experimental vessel cleaning and other medical equipment;Semiconductor industry: high cleanliness cleaning semiconductor wafers;Watches and clocks, jewelry industry: remove sludge, dust, oxide, polishing ointment;Chemical, biological industry: Laboratory cleaning utensils, detergent;Textile industry: clean to prevent the spindles, spinning plates and the like;Petrochemical Industry: Metal filter cleaning dredge, chemical containers, exchanger cleaning;Our factory and work shop:Packing and shipment:OUR ADVANTAGES?1.Minimum order: 1pcs?2.Delivery time : 15days3.Quality Assurance?1year4.Service: Lifetime Service5.Service channels:Telephone communication, online video guide, e-mail feedback provided to our factory acceptance, technical training and on-site service to customers factory
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